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Technical & Business Writing

In your day to day business, you come across the need of having technical documents and business proposals. In fact, you cannot live without any documentation for your businesses and projects. Business owners, their partners and clients need to have their business goals, vision, targets written in a way that is understandable by all stake holders. Similarly, your development teams need requirements in written that are technical yet easy for them to understand and implement. It is here where the criticality is. If they interpret it wrong, you will end up with something not needed. Gen Techies, will work with you making your business needs met and making the software as effective as possible. We love to get into the core of complicated technical ideas and detail them in a way that appears simple and easy to those who have to make use of them.

Businesses cannot survive without communication. Everyone in business needs to write intelligently and effectively whether it is an email or a document. At Gen Techies, we use clear and precise language that definitely enhances the prospects of your business. When it is about communication, we believe in clarity. We provide business services including emails, business proposals, business literature, business reports, business newsletters and user manuals. If you only require a business template, we have the ones that we customize for your needs.

Gen Techies, as technical writers collaborate with project key stake holders throughout the project and communicate with the subject experts in order to have a full understanding of the requirements. We love technology and our documentation offers it in a collaborative approach. We create and manage content and optimize it for customer experience. We create documentation that continues to set the client apart in the world. We communicate with the designated people to get extra information and workarounds.