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Project Management

Project Management is the act of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project to achieve predetermined objectives of Scope, Quality, Effort, Risk and Time:

At Gen Techies, we have professional project management service available that combines risk management with agile delivery. You can not only contact us for a piece of software delivered but you can even have us the complete software development process managed for you right from project initiation till closure. Obviously you have the requirements; therefore, you control the project direction.


  • You have an incomplete project
  • You are left behind your project schedule
  • Your development team is unable to work on a project
  • Or you have the requirements that need to be taken care of completely

Gen Techies is just a click away to assist and provide you all that you need. In various scenarios, we have been able to get the projects back to schedule. Often, you may feel that your team will be unable to finish a project within time or you are getting more complexities rather than accurate solutions, we can assist. We can rescue you before your business collapses. We not only handle routine requests but emergency requests too. Whatever the scenario is amongst starting a project or getting it to closure, you can rely on us to get it done within your specified time frame.

We follow the general project management process that we keep flexible as per clients’ requirements.

Project Management Process

At Gen Techies, we manage the triple constraint (as shown in the figure below) by building the dashboard which we use for controlling the project. This dashboard assists us in knowing where the project is currently headed, how far off course it is, or what action to take to get it back on course. By managing this dashboard we and all project stakeholders are safe from facing any unhappy surprises.