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BeSpoke Software Development

Offshore centres can be considered as a tool to boost productivity. Gen Techies follows a simple yet an elegant model delivering top notch bespoke software solutions. We deliver software in time and within budget across various sectors. We have high calibre experience that augments our clients’ teams in achieving their goals.

We make use of latest technology including but not limited to AJAX, HTML 5 and CSS3 to build web applications providing ease of use to our clients and end users. We provide complete SDLC from business case analysis to the maintenance support of the application through the utilisation of our well defined and flexible web development process. We believe in providing a custom solution that is processed in an efficient way using innovative approaches in order to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We share information, insight and experience to help you achieve your goals.

We are committed to provide an incremental build of any solution being developed. We believe that pushing the team for creating and submitting a daily working build without any critical bugs (show stoppers); keeps the development team target oriented and minimizes the integration issues later. Every new build follows versioning rules and its complete code base with comments, are stored in source code control system.